50 Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

50 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

So, you’re probably wondering on many different ways to generate more income to either pay off debt, add more money into the savings, or just to have a little more cash for the stash!! Whatever your heart desires, this world is FULL of endless opportunity to make money. We put together a list of 50 side hustles that you can actually start today!

It’s so easy now to come up with ways to make some sweet side money. We are living in an era where people come to your house to assist in brushing your teeth! Have you heard of that service?! Someone actually sat down and thought of the idea, found a way to market it, and now they’re making money off of that idea! It’s like, why didn’t we think of that?!

There are so many ways to make money, it’s ridiculous! If you’re always spending money knowing you can save, why not direct all that energy into something that can bring you mo’ dough! Turn that hobby into something you can make money on! Cha-Ching!

Here are 50 side hustles that you can start doing today. Eventually, you may want to turn your side hustle into a business venture!

1.) Garage Sale Hunting

I see a lot of people buying someone else’s trash and turning it into treasure! Start on the weekend and go find some deals and thrills at the neighbor’s garage sales! You’ll be amazed on what you can find and then resale after you polish it up a little bit!

2.) “Goodwill” Hunting

This also goes along the lines of garage sale hunting. By going into the Goodwill and other thrift stores, you can find great treasures that people have donated. You just have to dig a little to hit the gold mine. We know someone who finds these treasures, and then flips them on Amazon & E-Bay. If you love to bargain hunt and shop, this ones for you.

3.) Dog Sitting/Walking

If you’re into dogs, why not dog sit for a few hours. People are willing to pay someone to walk their dog or to dog sit while they’re away on vacation. You won’t catch me dog sitting, but if you’re into dogs; make that money, honey!

4.) Make Children’s Bows

There are two things people will spend money on: their kids and their pets! Juss sayin’!

5.) Photography

Go get a camera off of OfferUp and start capturing some moments. If you’re into photography, start by taking photos of babies, then work your way up to couples, then eventually weddings, and don’t forget about those IG models!

6.) Cutting/Braiding/Styling Hair

Shoutout to the ones that know how to do some hair! If you have talent in this area, bring some money in while doing it. You can charge anywhere from $10-$350 just doing hair! Ladies pay top notch for that top shelf hair, and they need someone to put it in! You can be the one to make them feel beautiful and why not make that extra cash while making them feel extra special.

7.) Make Candles

Candles are a fun way to make a little cash on the side if you enjoy making them. Just make sure you have some insurance just in case your house burns up in flames!

8.) Lash Extensions

We never even knew ladies paid to get their lashes done! We just thought a good bottle of mascara was the trick! You can charge anywhere between $50-$350 for lash extensions and people would pay!! We just advise you, if you plan on making this your side hustle make sure you are certified. You don’t want anyone coming after you because they have styes on their eyes. Just sayin’!

9.) Doing Makeup

We think it’s so awesome that these make-up artists can work their magic on other people’s faces! The talent from the before and after transformations are remarkable.

10.) Baking

If you enjoy baking and your cakes, cookies, & treats actually taste good, do it as a side hustle! Those PTA meetings might be good for something… We kid, we kid!

50 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

11.) Planning Parties/ Events

If you enjoy putting together baby showers, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, etc. and you love decorating and hosting, this would be perfect with generating extra cash for that stash! Creative people are coming up with ideas such as making paper flowers from construction paper and using them as backdrops. I created these flowers with construction paper (Thanks to Pinterest) and people actually bought them after I was done!! It’s such a cute idea!

50 Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

12.) DJing

Can you imagine this world without music!? This world would be something else. Why not make people feel happy with a DJ service?

13.) Create Jewelry

Putting necklaces, bracelets, and earrings together can bring out your creativity. If you have a knack for designing and putting jewelry together, this ones for you.

14.) Catering

People need and love to eat. Especially, if you’re food is bomb! Show the world your talents of cooking and make some mula while at it.

15.) Painting/Artwork

Props to those that love to show their artistic side. We’ve seen some great artists that sell their work and make good money doing it.

16.) Graphic Design

This world is filled with technology and technology is not going anywhere; it’s only advancing. Graphic designing will always be around. People are needing logos, typography, and illustrations. If you have a knack for this, you can make great money on the side.

17.) Interior Design

If you enjoy decorating your home and designing, then start your side hustle putting together home décor for others.

18.) Cleaning Service

Don’t we all enjoy a clean house!? I know we do. The smell of Fabuloso as soon as we enter the door! The best feeling is having a clean house! If you love cleaning up, and cleaning up after others, why not make a side hustle from it.

19.) Fitness Service

Working out and eating right is essential. And if you enjoy doing this, you can be making money for something that we are suppose to be doing everyday! Be a personal trainer or instructor and show people how to eat right. If only my sister and I enjoyed working out! hehehe….

20.) Couponing

We’re not sure if peeps are able to do this BUT we’ve seen some people get a huge haul and they would resell what they bought (ex. the purchasing of 30 tubes of Crest Toothpaste all for $1.00) for the full price later! How do we know this, the world will never know.

21.) Web Design

Creating a website is no joke! From our experience, it was time consuming and such a long process putting everything together. Creating the logos, fonts, layouts etc. Especially, getting all the right codes to line up. If we had the money to budget in for our blog, we would of DEFINITELY paid someone to create our website because “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Props to you web designers!

22.) Social Media Marketing

Are you good at getting likes and engaging the audience? Then this one is for you. My sister Ashley hates doing the marketing stuff for our business, but me on the other hand, I love it!! I love the creative side of things. If someone wants to pay you to get their business noticed and they don’t know how, and you’re a pro at it; put that talent to work and make some money!

23.) Coaching

Financial, business, referee, basketball, soccer, you name it. You can get paid to coach. Growing up, we played club soccer and our soccer coaches made bank just for being with the team for 4 hours out of the week. Knowing that you can make money while being an inspiration to others sounds like a good trade off to us.

24.) Motivational Speaker

It takes a special skill and talent to inspire others. We don’t know what it is about Joel Olsten, but he could convince you to jump off the highest building knowing darn well you can’t fly and make you believe that you can! If you’re good at public speaking, you can get paid for giving speeches and talks.

25.) Reading & Writing

We know a guy who proofreads the long, boring, 1000 page instruction manuals. And get this, he LOVES doing it. My sister and I proofread our blog 30 times before publishing it and there’s still errors after.. LOL If you’re good and enjoy reading & writing this is a way to make some money.

26.) Videographer

Don’t you wish someone paid you to follow them around shooting a video of their life?! Well, you can! Get paid to edit videos and put them together. Social media is taking over and people will pay when it comes to this service.

27.) Travel Planner

Everyone likes to travel and flex for the Gram. If you like to plan trips and if you like giving advice on places to go, things to see, and where to stay; turn this into a way to make money.

50 Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

28.) Tutor

Get paid to teach others. There’s services out there that will pay you to tutor students. If you understand a topic very well, don’t be stingy! Share that knowledge!

29.) Survey Taker

Get paid to take surveys! They’ll pay you for your time and efforts.

30.) Sell Stuff You No Longer Use

If you’re no longer using stuff around your home, go and sell it to people who need it. There’s E-bay, OfferUp, & other great sites that allows you to sell your things.

31.) Rent Out Your Home

If you want to rent out your home for a weekend or the summer, there’s Airbnb & Homeaway and you can host your place.

32.) Mystery Shopper

Every women likes to shop!! Because in the famous words of Eddie Murphy, “women be shoppin'”. Get paid to shop stores. That sounds like a dream job to us, don’t you think? There are programs to where you go into the store and give reviews on the customer service or the product.

33.) Music Teacher

If you have a talent to sing or play an instrument, go out and make some money from your talent by teaching others.

34.) Brand Ambassador

If you are passionate about certain brands then be a brand ambassador for them. Get paid to showcase them in a positive light and drive sales for them. In return, they’ll give you free products or money from you promoting their brand.

35.) Blogging

This will take some time to start generating money. Blogging is a long term process but once it starts going, it can make pretty good money. If you enjoy giving your point of view on topics or expressing your views; blogging can be a good side hustle.

36.) YouTube

Did you hear about the little boy who’s on YouTube and he makes millions of dollars giving his reviews on toys?? He creates videos, doing reviews on toys. Kids watching other kids play with toys still boggles us but I guess it’s the same thing as us adults watching reality TV. hahaha….

37.) Dropshipping

Dropshipping is basically selling other people’s products and then you take a cut for yourself. Get an ecommerce store without having to put a lot of money into it.

38.) Sell E-books

If you’re into writing “How to” Books, cartoons, fictional, any type of genre you can think of, you can create e-books and make money from it. There were two clients that we helped who created e-books (How to Guides) and they would charge from $15-$25 for the e-book.

39.) Create a Course

You can create a course on what you know. If you’re an expert on marketing, get paid to create a course. Whatever you’re knowledgeable in, you can make big money sharing that knowledge. There are people that actually sell their courses from $99- $7,000!

40.) Run a Vending Machine

You can go into local businesses and set your vending machine in their establishment for a small fee. When we were working at the bank, this customer had a soda machine that he set up and every two weeks he would bring in $500.00 in quarters! That’s an extra $1000 a month. Vending machines are where it’s at!

41.) Drive Uber or Lyft

Uber and Lyft has been around for awhile and it is a good way to make good money if you dedicate yourself and pick the right times to drive. If you’re in the LA or Las Vegas area you can make some good money.

42.) Doordash/Uber Eats/GrubHub

Like we said before, everyone loves to eat. There are some people who are bombarded in their work that they’ll pay someone to get their lunch and dinner for them. It’s a good way to get out in the community and to discover what’s new when it comes to food. Get paid to deliver food!

43.) Waiter/Waitress/Bartender

If you absolutely love being around people and you’re great with giving awesome customer service, you can make some great tips for waiting on people. Check please!!

44.) Instacart

This is just like Uber Eats and Doordash but for groceries. Get paid to deliver groceries.

45.) Consulting

If you can give expert advice in your field, and if people are willing to pay for your expertise, you can be a consultant. There is a lot of money in consulting, A LOT!!

46.) Virtual Assistant

If you like to work from home and do administrative duties then this role is for you. Virtual Assistants can make pretty good money and they can work from home.

47.) Auto Detailing

Winners drive in clean cars and everyone needs their car washed, right? You can have a side hustle washing cars. When we were at the bank, we would look forward to having our cars washed while it was parked in the parking lot. It was so convenient for us because we all know after work, we just want to go home. It is a good side hustle and you can bring in good money.

48.) Transcribing

If you are good at listening, all you do is put what you listened to and type it out. It’s kind of like a court reporter. Transcribers can be a very rewarding side hustle.

49.) Website Flipper

People can turn a poorly ran website and make profit off it. Some people are running sites and not even taking advantage of their website traffic. You can buy a website and flip it, kind of like house flipping but for websites.

50.) Affiliate Marketing

Why not get paid to market other company’s or brand’s products. Basically, you’re getting paid a commission if people end up buying because of your marketing.

There you have it. 50 side hustles that can bring in extra cash! If you really want to, you can turn these side hustles into a lucrative business. I hope you enjoyed the list of the many money making opportunities. Go out and start making money!!


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