Is It Time To Take Your Career to the Next Level?

Is it time to take your career to the next level

Thinking about the time when we were little girls, we always had a vision of what we wanted to be when we got older. At the age of 5, Brittany wanted to be a doctor, and Ashley wanted to work at a Grocery Store . At the age of 10, Brittany wanted to be a talk show host, and Ashley wanted to be a Scientist. When we were 18, Brittany […]

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17 Things To Know About Starting A Business

17 Things To Know About Starting a Business

Your side hustle is now turning into a possible main hustle. Going full-time with this doesn’t sound like a bad idea! Your numbers are looking good and it is realized that more profit can be made if more time is devoted to this passion. Being known as the person who does great party/event planning or the person that helps with the cool graphic designs is great, but you want more. […]

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How to Build Your Financial Legacy

Building Your Financial Legacy

What is a legacy? Legacy: “an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.” People say that word freely, not knowing the weight of the word and what is really means. Legacy is more than being the “All- American” at your local high school. Leaving a legacy behind also does not mean leaving your children here to carry out all the financial visions you should have accomplished […]

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Things to Consider Before Starting Your Business

Key things to consider when starting a business

When you think about starting your own business, there are more things to consider other than where you are going to get your start-up capital from, who is going to be your target market and how you are going to be able to sustain in any type of economy. Some people don’t factor in that the people closest to them, can take an emotional toll on their business endeavors. Listed below are 5 […]

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Run Your Own Race

Run your own race

Do you ever sit back and think to yourself, “Who made all of these benchmarks about where we are supposed to be financially at a certain age in our life?” For instance, who said an 18-year-old was financially responsible enough and even mentally ready to be on their own and learn to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives (especially when you think about how 2 days ago they were living at their parent’s house rent-free, cell phone bill paid, and on a full stomach)? Some 18 year olds today and […]

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