Signs That It’s Time To Take Control Of Your Money

Signs That is Time to Take Control of Your Money

So many of us are aimlessly going through this life without a care in the world. We are “just going with the flow” and wherever life decides to take us, that’s where we’ll be. Imagine floating in a river, with a strong current just taking control of you. You have no control, but that current has a strong hold on you. That’s how it is when you’re money is taking […]

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Money Lessons We Learned Throughout Our Years

Money Lessons We Learned Throughout the Years

Talking about money can be a difficult lesson in itself. Like we’ve been saying before, it’s a taboo to talk about money. From childhood to now, we learned quite a bit. From our money successes to our money failures, we want to be able to share openly about all the money lessons we experienced throughout our years. We still think it’s absolutely crazy how the education system does not teach […]

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The Top 10 Reasons Why You Are Broke

Have you ever sat back and wondered “Dang, why am I so broke?”. This question usually comes when you have $13.15 left in your bank account and payday is two days away. You may make income that others dream about, but at the end of the day you still live paycheck to paycheck. This is when you realize that even though you make a good, modest income, people still could […]

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Top Reasons Why A Credit Card Is Needed

When we were growing up, our dad stressed that having a great credit score is what’s going to put you ahead of everyone else when it comes to buying a home, a car, getting a low interest rate, and getting a great job (especially in the financial industry). And you know what, he was right in terms of those topics of why credit is needed. Our Dad also always explained […]

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To Save or To Invest, That is the Question

To Save or Invest

So, you’ve been working so hard at work, coming in early, leaving extra late, carrying your team by doing extra work around the office. All your hard work is now paying off and they decided to make you the “Woman in Charge” over the HR department. That comes with a major pay raise and a hefty bonus. Woot Woot!! Good job girl!! You decided to get your money right and […]

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50 Side Hustles That You Can Start Today

50 Side Hustles You Can Start Today

So, you’re probably wondering on many different ways to generate more income to either pay off debt, add more money into the savings, or just to have a little more cash for the stash!! Whatever your heart desires, this world is FULL of endless opportunity to make money. We put together a list of 50 side hustles that you can actually start today! It’s so easy now to come up […]

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