Lifestyle in Those Daily Cups of Joe

Lifestyle in Your Starbucks

My sister may be fine with the use of this word, but as for me, I strongly dislike this word and I try to refrain from using it. This “B” word in my opinion should be banished from the vocabulary to never be used again. I think of restrictions and even bondage when I hear this word and even the actions that may have to follow when dealing with this word.

This “B” word is BUDGET (dang, it hurt me to say that word). If anyone is like me, you should know how I feel. I know to budget (ouch) may be a good thing, but I challenge people who think like me to view this concept differently. 

Instead of setting a “B” word, I like to say in my mind that I am “setting my lifestyle”. I believe when you set your lifestyle, it should be relative to the lifestyle you want to live today and/or the lifestyle you want to live in the future.

For example; if you can’t imagine your life without a cup of Starbucks every morning, lifestyle in your Starbucks. Why should you have to deprive yourself of a GREAT morning all because you have to follow someone else’s rules about what lifestyle you should have while getting your money together? 

Don’t you just hate when your family and friends think you “should” be saving money and they see you buying Starbucks and they say, “you really need to start budgeting your money, so you should keep your purchases to a minimum.” How empowering would it feel to say right back to them, “don’t worry, my Starbucks is ‘lifestyled’ in.”

Look how simple lifestyle setting is; if you want to keep your place of residence, lifestyle in that mortgage/rent payment. If you want to upgrade your place of residence, lifestyle in a plan to get that new place. If you like having your lights on when you go home and if you like having running water, lifestyle in those monthly payments. 

If you have an idea about how much money you will need to retire comfortably when you come of age, lifestyle in those retirement contributions monthly. This works with anything you want in life. Remember, everything you are doing today is creating your current lifestyle or future goals for your lifestyle.

I am a firm believer of preparing for tomorrow while living your life for today. If you want those shoes, that outfit, or even if you want to go to a concert today, you should add into your lifestyle a monthly amount for such occurrences. 

Life it too short to not enjoy little things that make you happy today. Lifestyle it in. Also, remember that it is not everyone’s dream to have an abundance of money in their account at even given time. Some people are perfectly fine with their lifestyle so please do not pass judgement because their lifestyle plan does not align with yours. We are all on our own journey with different views of what it means to have a lifestyle we love to live.

Written by Ashley


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