Our Idea To Start A Sister, Sister Account

In 2012, we were working as tellers in a bank when we helped a customer that would change the way we would save for fun activities with each other as sisters going forward. This lady customer of ours would come in every month to make a deposit into a savings account that she shared with two other joint owners. One day out of curiosity, we asked what this particular account was for. The answer to this question was genius for us, and since then we have been mirroring her savings plan. This is when our idea to start a sister, sister account was born.

How our customer used her account

She explained to us it was a savings she had with her sisters because every other year they took a trip out of the country for a vacation. Each month, each of the sisters would deposit an equal amount into the account. That would give each of them enough for a plane ticket, hotel, entertainment, food, drinks and cover any other expense that could arise on a vacation when the time came. They held each other accountable and sometimes motivation to save what was needed.

How we knew having an account together would be awesome

As sisters, we have always been close. We dressed alike as kids, played on the same sports teams and went to the same university. We have even worked at four companies together over the years (we now figured having a business together is the best way to work together forever).  Our parents made us do everything together. It was always drilled in us that we will only have one sister in this life so we better get along. So having an account with funds available for us to bring our sisterhood closer together was an easy decision. Trust is essential, and that’s what we have.

Our Idea To Start A Sister, Sister Account

How we decided to use our “Sister, Sister” account

We wanted an account that we could use to have spa days, lunch dates, and take trips within the states together every few years (international travel is a goal of ours eventually too). This account wasn’t limited to only these activities. This account was designed to fulfill anything our hearts desired to do as sisters together.

How much we decided to save at first

Knowing how we wanted to use this account helped us determine how much we needed to save each month. We had to decide to save an amount that would not break the bank and that our husbands would not complain about at. We felt as if $25 dollars every pay period was a great starting point. $50 between the two of us and 26 day periods gave us $1,300 a year.

Our first dip into our funds

It actually took us years until we decided to use any dollar in the account for a vacation. We were diligent enough to keep saving to build a good nest egg over the years. When it came time to finally spend money from the account, we knew we still wanted a good amount remaining. We wanted to leave a good cushion for our next get away too.

Our first getaway destination

We are from California, so we decided to use our funds to take a “sister, sister” trip to Atlanta, Georgia. Our funds in the account paid for our flights, hotel, food, drinks, nightclubs and bars, Ubers, and tourist attractions.

Georgia Aquarium
Georgia Aquarium

We could honestly say we did not deprive ourselves from anything we wanted to do or anyplace we wanted to go. This was our first trip together alone as sisters. We had so much fun because we prepared for a trip like this for years and we had the time of our lives. Our bond only grew closer to each other.

First Sister Sister Trip in the ATL

How saving together made the trip better

Because we’ve saved money in the same account for so long, there was no guilt on any dime spent. Our plan was to know how much in total we wanted to spend and make it a memorable time. It was such a great feeling. Plus, knowing there is more money in the account for future fun is a great feeling too. This money wasn’t taken away from our individual households and our husbands weren’t complaining. What more could we ask for?!

Our Idea To Start A Sister, Sister Account

For anyone considering starting a joint account with a family member or a sister, this is working great for us. Our account has even allowed us to start our business venture together, hence Honey Dough. We still make monthly recurring contributions to keep it going. This ensures us that together we will continue to be able to do great things and keep having fun.

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