8 Reasons to Use and Carry Cash At All Times

8 Reasons to Use and Carry Cash At All Times

There are many benefits of purchasing with cash. Our Dad always advised using and carrying cash because you never know when you will absolutely need to buy with cash and you could miss out on good “cash-only” opportunities. Below are some of our favorite reasons why carrying and using cash is a must in some situations. Here are our 8 reasons to use and carry cash at all times: 1.) […]

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Ways To Cut Costs on a Family Vacation|10 Tips

Ways To Cut Costs on a Family Vacation | 10 Tips

School’s almost out and summer is right around the corner. It’s that time of year where you want to hit the pool, beach, or simply just want to get away. Whatever you decide to do, just kick back, relax and enjoy some fun under the sun. Let’s get ready to find ways to cut costs on a family vacation! Why not? We deserve it! You wake up every morning busting […]

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How to Build Your Financial Legacy

Building Your Financial Legacy

What is a legacy? Legacy: “an amount of money or property left to someone in a will.” People say that word freely, not knowing the weight of the word and what is really means. Legacy is more than being the “All- American” at your local high school. Leaving a legacy behind also does not mean leaving your children here to carry out all the financial visions you should have accomplished […]

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12 Tips on How To Make Your Love and Money Work

12 tips to make your love and money work

So you think you found your soulmate. You dance to the same tunes, you enjoy watching the same genre of movies, and you both love eating the most exotic foods while having discussions about what flavors and spices you think the chef used to prepare your dish (or maybe that’s just me). In every way, it just seems like you two are perfect for each other. As time progresses and […]

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14 Money Challenges to Help Start Your Savings

Money Challenges to Kick Start your Savings

If you are anything like us, you love a good competition. I want you to challenge yourself about all the ways you can save money! If you have a goal like going on vacation, buying your 1st home, going to the Super Bowl or attending World Cup, or anything else you may want to save for, these money challenges can help you get to your savings goal faster. And if […]

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Things to Consider Before Starting Your Business

Key things to consider when starting a business

When you think about starting your own business, there are more things to consider other than where you are going to get your start-up capital from, who is going to be your target market and how you are going to be able to sustain in any type of economy. Some people don’t factor in that the people closest to them, can take an emotional toll on their business endeavors. Listed below are 5 […]

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Spending Addictions Are Real!

Spending Addiction

I can admit, sometimes I love a good splurge. Especially, when it is on sale! I get so excited when I see a great deal; like a new pair of pumps that normally would cost $100 that I got for half the price. I feel like I just spent the wheel on Wheel of Fortune and I hit the jackpot! It is the best feeling scoring a bargain! But, for […]

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Run Your Own Race

Run your own race

Do you ever sit back and think to yourself, “Who made all of these benchmarks about where we are supposed to be financially at a certain age in our life?” For instance, who said an 18-year-old was financially responsible enough and even mentally ready to be on their own and learn to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives (especially when you think about how 2 days ago they were living at their parent’s house rent-free, cell phone bill paid, and on a full stomach)? Some 18 year olds today and […]

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Lifestyle in Those Daily Cups of Joe

Lifestyle in Your Starbucks

My sister may be fine with the use of this word, but as for me, I strongly dislike this word and I try to refrain from using it. This “B” word in my opinion should be banished from the vocabulary to never be used again. I think of restrictions and even bondage when I hear this word and even the actions that may have to follow when dealing with this […]

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The Importance of an Emergency Fund

Importance of an emergency fund

Just recently, Brittany decided to quit her “9 to 5” bank job all because she was confident she had an emergency fund to have her back. It was a tough decision for her, but because she had reserves to dip into, it made the decision so much easier. She gave her boss the resign letter and said deuces. In a true emergency circumstance, like a layoff or a medical emergency; […]

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