Run Your Own Race

Run your own race

Do you ever sit back and think to yourself, “Who made all of these benchmarks about where we are supposed to be financially at a certain age in our life?” For instance, who said an 18-year-old was financially responsible enough and even mentally ready to be on their own and learn to fend for themselves for the rest of their lives (especially when you think about how 2 days ago they were living at their parent’s house rent-free, cell phone bill paid, and on a full stomach)? Some 18 year olds today and even in the past have had to get a job, get a place of their own and FIGURE IT OUT. 

Or better yet, by 30 years of age, you better be on a path of being financially set by retirement. By 30, you need to have an amazing career (my apologies, an amazing “six-figure career” at least) so you could retire with more than enough to allow you to survive at least two lifetimes. Plus, don’t forget you should be working on the purchase of at least your second home by now (I mean, who actually still lives in their “starter home”). 

By 50 years of age, you should have no worries about nearing retirement because financially, you are smooth sailing. Matter of fact, money should be of abundance so if you decided to walk away from your career today, don’t sweat, you’ve been investing in your retirement since you were financially responsible and mentally ready at 18 years of age for this. You’ve been investing in your retirement for over 30 years so now is your time to reap the fruits of the seeds that you planted for yourself long ago!

I don’t even want to say that in a perfect world this would happen because in all actuality, the world is far from perfect so even a thought of a perfect world is so unrealistic. 

So sense a perfect world doesn’t (and never will) exist, why do we feel we have to follow these benchmarks so perfectly? As humans, we tend to look to the right and left of us to see how we are keeping track with our peers. If we are not keeping up with our peers or doing better than them, some people bring unnecessary doubt and stress when we should be realizing, this is MY journey.

“Life is a journey”, I always remind myself. As long as I keep moving and working towards my goals, I will be fine. It’s when I stop moving is when I should get nervous with myself. Taking small steps towards your goals are better than taking no steps at all. My goal is to personally progress daily and to be better than I was yesterday. When we get wrapped up with the idea of where we “should” be financially, some may be discouraged and give up or don’t even start. Just remember, if you give up or don’t even start, 5 years from now you may be in an even worse position than you THINK you are now. 

Written by Ashley


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